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Get Over Yourself

What Do You Want From Me cropped

Down is the way up in the kingdom. Listen or watch as Pastor Jamie explains how we get over ourselves in our conclusion to the series, “What Do You Want From Me?”

Being Generous

Generous cropped

Being generous is fun, needed and it’s the heart of God. Listen or watch as Pastor Jamie shares with us as we launch our series entitled, Generous.

Youth Sunday

Youth Sunday 2016 cropped

The youth have taken over! Watch or listen as one of our youth and youth pastor share and demonstrate the legacy that Ignite Student Ministries is leaving behind.

In The World

kingdom come cropped

What is the probability that one man could fulfill all 300 messianic prophesies? How can knowing this help us to allow the kingdom of God to reign in our world? Listen or watch as Pastor Jamie shares with us on this awesome Easter Sunday!

Love’s Balancing Act

loves balancing act cropped

As Christians, we are called to love others. But how do we demonstrate God’s grace to an unbelieving world while at the same time upholding his standard of truth? Watch as Pastor Jamie shares on this subject with a message entitled “Love’s Balancing Act.”

Supernatural Baptism

supernatural baptism cropped

Watch as Pastor Ann encourages us to embrace all the baptisms in the Bible as supernatural. ***Note: due to technical difficulties the end of the sermon was cut off. We apologize!

The Tough Take a Nap

when the going gets tough cropped

What if, instead of freaking out when trouble comes, we learned to rest during the storm? Watch has Pastor Jamie shares part 2 of our “When the Going Gets Tough” series with a message called “The Tough Take a Nap.”


Confused 960x350

Watch as Pastor Jamie shares how Christianity is different than any other religious or spiritual belief system.

Lost and Found

losing my religion cropped

Watch as Pastor Jamie finishes our “Losing My Religion” series and explains that as we lose our religion we will find God’s people.

Follow the Leader

follow up cropped

Who are you following? Watch as Pastor Jamie uses the children’s game “follow the leader” to illustrate how discipleship works in the life of the Christian.

What Is Jesus Doing Now?

Putting Jesus in His Place cropped

He has died, was buried and has risen again! So what is Jesus doing now? Watch as Pastor Ann shares what our Savior Jesus is doing in Heaven after His resurrection and ascension.

Christmas Presence part 3 – It’s a Boy!

christmas presence cropped

Listen as Pastor Jamie shares about God showing kindness to all people by revealing his son to simple farm workers and foreigners first. God is asking if you are willing to bring a gift to the newborn Messiah this Christmas.