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Celebrating Others

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While the world condemns, belittles and strives, God is calling His church to celebrate others. Watch as Pastor Jamie shares how in this sermon entitled “Celebrating Others.”

When Family Doesn’t Work

when family doesn't work

Did you know that many of the heroes of the Bible came from dysfunctional families? Watch as guest speaker Scott Allen shares how Christians can still be victorious even when family doesn’t work.

We Are Family

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When someone becomes a Christian they automatically get a new worldwide family of believers. But why do we need a church family and how do we handle conflict that might arise within our church family? What about theological differences with other Christian churches in our area? Watch as Pastor Jamie shares this message entitled “We [...]

The Power of Words pt. 1 – Words That Help

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Is what you say part of the problem or part of the solution? If this is an area of your life where you have struggled, you will want to hear this! Listen as Pastor Jamie kicks off our new “The Power of Words” series with the first sermon entitled “Words That Help.”

Wise Up About Sex

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Listen as Pastor Jamie gives a spirited, Biblical response to the current culture’s attitudes toward sex with a clear presentation of what the Bible says about sex.

Discovery Channel part 3: Mythbusters


Listen as Pastor Jamie looks at some of the more popular myths regarding life, the Bible and God and uncovers the truth! Myth #1 – Bad people go to hell & good people go to heaven Myth #2 – You need to find and marry your soul mate Myth #3 – The gifts of the [...]

Weird part 4: Weird Relationships

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Relationships can be hard. Listen as Pastor Jamie shares how to have better relationships than normal – weird relationships! 1) Be nice. Ephesians 4:32.   2)  Watch your words Prov 18:21 “If A equals success, then the formula is: A = X + Y + Z, where X is work, Y is play and Z [...]

Cow Tipping Part 4: People

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Cow Tipping Part 4: People *Romance – Another person is not qualified to give you the love you were created to receive Genesis 29:14-35   *Family – Family can be an idol when a family member holds the key to your happiness Luke 14:26; Genesis 22:5

What Happened?!

What Happened

Have you ever seen a strong Christian walk away from their faith? Have you ever seen a couple with “the perfect marriage” get divorced? Learn how to guard against this so no one will look at your life and say “WHAT HAPPENED?!”