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It’s Personal

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Did you know that God deals with people on a personal level? Watch as Pastor Jamie shares that our faith isn’t private and isn’t isolated but it is definitely personal.

Supernatural Baptism

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Watch as Pastor Ann encourages us to embrace all the baptisms in the Bible as supernatural. ***Note: due to technical difficulties the end of the sermon was cut off. We apologize!


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Watch as Pastor Jamie shares how Christianity is different than any other religious or spiritual belief system.

Discovery Channel part 3: Mythbusters


Listen as Pastor Jamie looks at some of the more popular myths regarding life, the Bible and God and uncovers the truth! Myth #1 – Bad people go to hell & good people go to heaven Myth #2 – You need to find and marry your soul mate Myth #3 – The gifts of the [...]

Weird Part 2: Weird Righteousness

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There are three types of righteousness and only one works: Righteousness of the World – attained by doing good things. Based on good works. Romans 3:10 Righteousness of Religion – Attained by bringing others down to make themselves look better. Based on outward appearance. Matthew 5:20; Luke 18:9-14 Righteousness of God – Attained by attaching [...]