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Tornado Theology

A woman reads her Bible in the midst of a tornado

Did God send the storm that came through the area? Listen or watch as Pastor Jamie shares with us on the biblical tornado theology.


Confused 960x350

Watch as Pastor Jamie shares how Christianity is different than any other religious or spiritual belief system.

Interactivity part 1: Enter Activity

interactivity cropped

You have a role to play in God’s plan for humanity! Watch as Pastor Jamie kicks off this new sermon series and demonstrates in the Word that the kingdom of God is meant to be interactive. Note: some skipping occurs during playback. We apologize for the glitch!

What Is Jesus Doing Now?

Putting Jesus in His Place cropped

He has died, was buried and has risen again! So what is Jesus doing now? Watch as Pastor Ann shares what our Savior Jesus is doing in Heaven after His resurrection and ascension.

InPower part 2: Prophetic, Not Pathetic

prophetic, not pathetic

Is prophecy all about the future? Is it something I should want to be a part of? Want about all the fakes, frauds and false prophets? What role does prophecy have in the 21st Century church? Listen as Pastor Jamie shares a biblical, balanced approach to the prophetic.

InPower part 1: The Supernatural is Natural

InPower series invite cropped

Is there more to Christianity than just believing the right thing, trying to act right and going to Heaven when we die? Aren’t we supposed to be seeing the power of God working in our daily lives? Join us as we discover that Jesus-followers are called to live a life in power, just like Jesus [...]

Discovery Channel part 3: Mythbusters


Listen as Pastor Jamie looks at some of the more popular myths regarding life, the Bible and God and uncovers the truth! Myth #1 – Bad people go to hell & good people go to heaven Myth #2 – You need to find and marry your soul mate Myth #3 – The gifts of the [...]